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Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Visit to Aloha Camp

Our first introduction to Vermont began in 1989 when we started attending Aloha Camp for two months every summer. (I know - "Aloha" Camp in Vermont? It was founded by a couple in 1905 who had been missionaries to Hawai'i. It's not a church camp however - an all-around summer camp.) I continued to go until the summer after my Junior year of high school in 1994. It was really fun to finally take Brad there. He remembers writing me letters there when I was a camper and we dated in high school (no phones or electricity at camp! - we even live in platform tents and wear uniforms). Jenny and Mom have stayed active with the camp until as recently as last summer, and have both run the music program there. It will always be a very special place for us. It certainly looked quite a bit different in the dead of winter!

Brad and Jenny posing by the Aloha sign in the main house:

And in front of the main house:

Part of the big tradition at Aloha is unveiling the nameboard for that summer before everyone heads home. They have nameboards all the way back to the beginning of the camp in 1905. For some reason, the Art department asked me to paint the design on the 1993 nameboard. So, there is my handywork, as well as Jenny's and my name that year.

We took a moment to pose out by the lake in a special spot where they sometimes do evening ceremonies during camp. The Searles Girls, as they used to call us, together again:

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