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Monday, June 30, 2008

Congrats, Chad and Kate!

Last weekend there was an engagement party for our good friends, Chad and Kate, who are getting married in September. It was such a fun afternoon and great to see them both (they live in MI). Their parents had done a wonderful job putting together a beautiful party - great food, a gorgeous backyard and a fun group of people. It was also lovely to meet Kate's parents, here all the way from Australia! That's one of the many reasons we love being back in Indiana - we finally get to attend things like this.

We can't wait for the wedding!

Chad and Kate

Good luck, Kate! Ha!

The backyard looked so beautiful and we had a perfect afternoon. At the front table are Kate, Chad, Lauren, Matt, Jason and Brad chatting.

Brad and our good friend, Nate, who came down from Chicago for the party.

Jason and Lauren. We're looking forward to spending the 4th with them this week!

The weather was perfect for the whole party. Then, right at the very end, the skies let loose with tons of hail! That's an Indiana summer for you. I took this when I got back to the Todds'.

In other news....This past week has been pretty normal - Brad's still getting used to his new job at Roche and really enjoying it, I've been teaching a (hopefully!) growing handfull of students, we've been house hunting and hanging out with the pups. And, as seems to be the theme now that we are back, we've been having a lot of fun with our friends in the area. I had another girls' outing to see Sex and the City with Miriam and Jen Toering. (Yes, it was really good the 2nd time, too.) Tim Grino and I had a blast at the Zionsville Famers' Market - I love that place! I bought some WONDERFUL produce and can't wait to try the fresh pasta they had for sale. And Bonnie (Brad's Mom) treated us to a great dinner at DeLullo's, our new favorite Italian place on 32. (See "Two Must Tries" in the archive). All in all a very fun week (and no wonder my jeans are feeling a bit tight)!

Gracie and Luke chillin' on the Todds' deck:

While house hunting we discovered the adorable town of Pendleton. I highly recommend heading up there some afternoon, grabbing a cup of coffee and dessert at the cute coffee shop in town and then going for a walk along their 150 acre park in the middle of town. It's one of the prettiest little towns I've seen in Indiana.

Gracie saw her first duck on our walk in Pendleton's park. She was very excited - she always loved stalking the pigeons in San Francisco. You could tell she was amazed that this "pigeon" could also swim! She also discovered lightening bugs recently. Two are missing from the Todds' backyard now, I'm afraid.

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