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Friday, June 20, 2008

Three in Four

This is my third post in four days. That's right. I'm back on the horse, definitely, and very impressed with myself.

Just had to share two tidbits:
1. My good friend from high school, Natalie Huskins Razavi, also keeps a blog. (She gave me the idea!) Recently, she posted a website that two of her friends started, and I think it is such a great idea. Many of you know that I LOVE little eco-friendly products and tips, and this is another great one:

2. Today Luke's foster mom sent me pictures of her sweet pups. They were so cute I had to share. The shepherd in the picture, Addison, was just 3 months old when Luke lived with them. She's now about six months old and already weighs in at 74 lbs! Her ears just stood up and she is just precious. The littler dog, Mochi - only 9 lbs!, was also park of Luke's foster pack. Apparently, he loved to get down on his belly and play with them both. I'm so grateful to June for being Luke's temporary home so that he didn't have to stay in the rescue kennel while he waited for his "forever home" (us!).

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Jordan said...

Meagan - glad you had fun at Chad and Kate's engagement party. Sara (Chad's younger sis) is one of my close friends from 5th grade until now (our senior year of med school)!

It was great to see you at Eagle Creek Coffee Co.