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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Roche, Baby O and More pics

As many of you know, our move to the Indy area was not without drama. Bit of a long story, but needless to say we have both been basically unemployed since our arrival on April 9th. I've picked up a handful of voice students and am working on gathering more. And Brad began a wonderful job with Roche Diagnostics in Fishers just last week! He is extremely excited about the opportunity - such a great foot in the door at a fabulous company. He really enjoys working with his new boss and is already eating up the experience of being in a new, huge company. We couldn't feel more blessed that he got this opportunity.

Brad's new position is as a recruiter for the "science" side of Roche, as opposed to the "sales and marketing" side. (This is in layman terms for music majors, like me.) He has also been brought in to eventually implement a process for how they hire, something on which he loves working. Brad is definitely all about "the process".
Below is the press release that went out on Roche's Intranet last week.
Brad Todd joins Roche as recruiter, RDO talent management
June 13, 2008 -

Brad Todd has joined Roche as recruiter in the RDO talent management department. He will be responsible for recruiting and staffing duties supporting RDO, replacing Kathy Sanders. Brad will report to Mike Lipke, director RDO talent management.

“Brad comes to Roche with extensive recruiting experience with external agencies and most recently management of other Recruiters," Mike said. "He has worked to recruit executives primarily within the finance world for major companies throughout the country.”

Brad worked for A.I. Executive as a division director of executive search. In that role he was responsible for managing two offices in the executive search division of A.I. in California. Brad’s other work experience includes positions at Harvey and Company, including director of recruiting.

Brad graduated from Purdue University with a bachelor’s degree in management with a concentration on international business.

Pretty cool, huh?! On Saturday Bob and Bonnie took us out for a celebratory dinner at a GREAT spot downtown - Dunaway's. If you call a bit ahead you can get rooftop seating. The view when the sun was setting was just gorgeous and the food was absolutely perfect. A wonderful evening all-around. Thanks Bob and Bonnie! Not only have you been housing us, but you feed us well, too!

I took this in the elevator at Dunaway's for our good friends Ryan and Monique Metzing. Ryan, who works for a large law firm downtown in Indy, happened to get stuck in the elevator of his building at 1 a.m.! Not only was he stuck, but the elevator was constantly moving between floors 1 and 26!!! It is a hilarious story built around the fact that the security guard refused to call 911 for poor Ryan. He was trapped for two hours! I was crying laughing as he told this to us, and naturally thought of him when I saw this sign last weekend.
Ryan and Monique's home in Zionsville has also become our favorite casual night hang out - like last night, for instance. American Idol Wii until midnight, anyone? I had to have a rematch with Brad. He beat me by 12,000 points when we battled on Tiny Dancer last time. But I was redeemed last night by soundly beating him - by 100 points. Hmmm.

On Monday Brad and I had the big honor of being Baby Oliver's (Polly and Andrew's six month old baby) first babysitters (not counting grandma's, of course)! Polly and Andrew were craving an adult night out after having only one in six months. So, Brad and I went to their lovely home in Butler Tarkington and took care of sweet Oliver for the evening. (Well, I took care of Oliver. Brad was excellent at waiting on me hand and foot - getting me pizza, wine, a cupcake. Kind of nice really. Holding a baby is a really great excuse to ask for things, I found.) It was so much fun; Oliver is just completely precious. I expected him to be a bit worried that Mom and Dad were no longer there, but we just played with toys and read books quite happily until they returned a bit after 8. I'm always telling our friends with kids to use us as babysitters and was so happy that someone finally took us up on it! Now you all know, we come with references....but we do require wine.

My gorgeous sister, Jen, just sent these to me from my time in New York a couple weeks ago. She met us at the Biergarten in Astoria with a good friend, and fellow Butler Alpha Phi, Corey. It was SO great to see Corey again and catch up. She's just about as sweet as they come. As you can tell from the second picture, we also really enjoyed the food at the bar.
Corey, Me and Jen

Elizabeth and Corey

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