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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How do you know you are way, way, way behind on your blog? A feeling that you should make an outline of things to cover is the first indication. Then I realize that my type A tendencies are becoming ugly, and I proudly post this outdated entry from, um, March. (Deep breath, Meagan.) Fact is, some fun things happened before I took off for my month in Switzerland. (That is, other than BU's fabulous run in the tournament, which, as you know, was covered well in the blog). So, here we go....

I grew up next to some fabulous girls, Wendy and Sally Senour. We were the absolute best of friends all through childhood. Sally was in town visiting from Chicago with her husband, James, and baby, James Jr. (Can that baby smile for a photo or what?)
Sally, Wendy, James Jr. and James

Sally, me, James Jr. and James

We had some beautiful weather in March. Felt like spring right away. The dogs were thrilled to have me sitting outside with them playing lots of ball.

We had a wonderful girls’ night at Monique’s before I left. I always love catching up with Lauren, Abby and Monique. Ryan and Monique’s daughter, Lucy, joined for the fun in her monkey pj’s. She also brushed the right half of my hair which felt fabulous, but gave my curly hair quite the interesting ‘do!

One of the highlights this winter was the annual cooking competition at Norm and Ellen's! This party’s theme was chili (I made an Ethiopian chili!) and cheesecake (made a white chocolate cheesecake with grand marnier marinated oranges on top). Really, really fun party with GREAT food. Honestly, I can’t remember where I scored anymore, but my entries were well-received, which felt like an honor with such tight competition!

Miriam and Norm (Ellen’s husband) judged the multitude of chilis. There were scorecards and everything!

Some of the cheesecakes waiting to be judged.

Me and my girls

I was so proud of my students this winter! Many of them had wonderful performances in their school musicals. This is Julie, who as a sophomore had the lead in The Music Man at Westfield.

Love this picture. It was after great night downtown with my new friends, John, Taryn and Steve, to whom Miriam introduced me.
Miriam, John, Taryn, Steve, Me

Had another night out with Abby and Monique at a favorite restaurant, Shanghai Lil’s. We were all teasing Abby for ordering the chicken fried rice. It was tasty though. I'll give her that.

Before I could go to Switzerland I had to bathe the dogs, of course. Cal went first, but Luke was hoping to join him. This was his idea (below). Luke loves a good bath!

Right before I left for Switzerland many of my students performed in Western Boone High School’s production of Into the Woods. And I was music director! What fun! I should have more pics coming soon when I get the official photo CD. Into the Woods is one of the most difficult shows a high school can take on. I was beyond impressed with the kids, their talent, their work ethic and the final product. Love you guys!
My student, Shannon, as Cinderella singing to Little Red Riding Hood, Jessa.

Little Red and Jack (who are dating in real life - You guys are WAY too cute, Jessa and Blake)

Some of my wonderful students after the show


Monique said...

a couple of things:
a) what are miriam and norm's credentials to judge the chili competition? resumes, please . . .
and, 2) i really think luke might be my favorite . . . he is a very cute boy . . .

Meagan said...

Not sure what Miriam and Norm's credentials are, but they took the job very, very seriously. It was pressure! Those cooks were not messing around with their chili!

Lukey loves you too :).