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Friday, May 21, 2010

I just have to share some great pictures from Western Boone High School's production of Into the Woods. I have 19 private voice students there and I was this year's vocal director for the musical. I've never been a vocal director before, and I found the experience incredibly rewarding. The cast was amazingly talented and I could not have been prouder of their performances. I can take no credit for the sets, costumes, etc., but the director and costumers obviously did an amazing job!

Jack examines his findings from visiting the giant.

The Baker, Jack’s Mom, Jack and Milky White the Cow (played by two very patient girls) discuss things.

Aw, Devan and Blake as the Baker and Baker’s Wife. They are both seniors and will be greatly missed next year. Could they be any cuter?

Jessa (Jessa and Devan are sisters!) and another Blake as Little Red and the Wolf.

My student, Scott, as the Mysterious Man. (Turns out he’s the Baker’s not-so-dead father!)

My student, Presley, as the Witch (good job singing through that crazy mask, Presley!) and Elizabeth as Rapunzel

Turns out the witch (my student, Presley) is beautiful under all that ugly.

My student, Shannon, as Cinderella. What a difficult song she had to sing in this picture. We worked so hard on it!

Josh as Rapunzel’s Prince. Josh doesn’t take voice lessons regularly and his voice grew so much throughout the show. And what a great actor!

Christian as Cinderella’s Prince. Christian also doesn’t take voice lessons and we found a big, massive sound in there.

My student, Taylor, as Florinda, Cinderella’s stepsister. This tiny horse was HILARIOUS.

Cinderella and the Prince ride away to a happy (?) ending.

All my students! (Christian, I’m claiming you now too, haha.) Katie, Hannah, Shannon, Taylor and Christian after the wedding.

The cast considers the giant who has followed Jack down the beanstalk.

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