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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Switzerland Part 2, Part 1. Wait...What?

Yes, it's confusing. A couple months ago I posted Switzerland, Part 1. Well, here we have some highlights - another Part 1 - from my second trip in April. It was a very interesting trip. Lots of fun sightseeing, of course, and also experiencing what it is like to live in Brad's Swiss apartment for a month. You know, things like taking out the trash, grocery shopping, casual weeknight meals (or lack thereof), Brad going to work each day, etc., etc. I'm constantly surprised how different it is to live somewhere as opposed to visiting that place, and how the same place can look so different in each case. Anyway...Fun, but it's really good to be back home! Can't wait for Brad to join me here on the 29th!

I won't bore you with every single thing I enjoyed all month, I promise. Below are just some highlights of my first week there.

Our good Zville friend, Kyle Hollingsworth, who now lives in Singapore, came for a visit! Random to be all together in Switzerland.
Enjoying drinks, cheese and crackers on Brad's balcony. The boys are drinking the local beer from Baar, where Brad lives. He goes to the brewery and buys it in crates.

Kyle wanted to see some mountains. As you will be able to tell from the picture by the lake below, it was quite hazy that weekend. So, we just kept driving up until we got above the haze in a little mountain town. There we stopped for some drinks and had quite the cozy afternoon in an adorable bar.

We figured we might as well take Kyle to Ticino on the way home. We stopped for dinner at one of the grottos built in the side of the mountains there.

Our big platter of salumi meats. I always feel like there is an Italian/German/Swiss/Czech/Austrian (fill in the country where I am) grandma back in the kitchen trying to fatten me up!

We took Kyle to Luzern (a.k.a. Lucerne) and had a beautiful day there eating lunch along the river, walking around the city, and watching some soccer in a local bar.

One of my favorite sights in Luzern - the Lion. It's a monument to fallen soldiers, and I've always found it really beautiful.

After Kyle left and Brad resumed his work week I began wandering on my own. I always enjoy hanging out in Zug, the little town a mile down the road from Brad's place in Baar. By the time I was back in April the flowers were all blooming. This sleepy lake town really becomes the place to be in the spring and summer.

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