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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Levi, Month 10

Well, Month 10 was it.  Early this month (sometime around the end of Oct./beginning of Nov.) he officially became a little boy.  All of the sudden, somewhere around the end of 19 months-old the baby was gone.  It's hard to know exactly why or how you know that, but I always knew that one day we would wake up and find a boy instead of a baby.  Something about how he understands everything, even things you haven't taught him yet, kneels to play with his toys with no wobbling, starts to test out walking up stairs like a big boy, reaches up to hold your hand.  We only got about 10 months of babyhood, but I'm grateful for every day of it.

New obsessions for the month: He can reach some light switches (which apparently only get more fun the more  you turn them on/off - ah, blown fuses), puzzles and figuring out more advanced shapes, started waving bye without being asked, does small slides all by himself, points to lots of body parts, learned to ask for things by saying "Mama" instead of grunting or whining, strings a couple "words" together (like "umama" for "Up Mama"), can reach onto counters (sigh), very particular about turning books one page at a time and looking for his favorite pages, makes a dog noise like his German Shepherds ("Aroorooroo!"), bangs on the window (just like Mom does) to tell the dogs to stop barking.   Ha!

Language is still tricky for Levi, but he's coming along well.  It's going to take him more time than other little boys to verbalize the sounds for English thanks to not hearing it for his first 10 months, but he understands it all and adds more sounds/words all the time.

I discovered in our seemingly never-ending sleep, um, battle, that giving up hope can be it's own kind of hope.  So, that is what I did in Month 10.  I stopped trying to figure out what I could do to fix it, and gave in to milk during the night, his need to sleep with one of us in the twin bed in his room, the babbling at 5 a.m. (though I'm still not getting out of bed before 6:00), the thrashing, the wanting to get up and play at 2 a.m., etc.  He's such a sweet and lovey boy, I'm trying to just enjoy the fact he wants to cuddle with us all night.  Someday when he can communicate better we'll work on breaking any habits we've created.  But at least we will know for sure that we have replaced every negative brain synapsed caused by every time someone wasn't there for him as an infant.  I'll take that option.

The Month in Pictures:

First Halloween!  The only obvious choice for a costume was a dog, of course.  We had three events - Carmel Library, St. Luke's Trunk or Treat where we visited the Rawe's amazing display, and trick or treating at a few houses in Bob and Bonnie's neighborhoods.

First time wearing his costume, Carmel Library.

Then at St. Luke's Trunk or Treat with Maggie Rawe.

First time going up to doors.  He was disappointed he didn't get to actually go inside.

We had to make a stop at the Smith's in downtown Zionsville to see baby Truman bundled for his first Halloween too!

Still lots of fun at the Children's Museum, especially when friends like Lincoln Hoskins join us!

We broke down and got a generic Pillow Pet.  This smile is why those things are so ridiculously popular.

Brad's birthday!  Celebrated with Paula Dean's recipe for carrot cake.  The only way to go.  Also tried a Sardinian lasagna made with polenta noodles!  A keeper. 

Pumpkin Fest at the Country Market!  Amazing and creative display for the kiddos.  We went twice.

This is a whole play area of dried corn!  Genius!

Hay rides!

Picking out the perfect pie pumpkin

The beautiful fall weather continued and we kept enjoying all the gorgeous parks in the area.

Independent boy...sometimes, that is.

As some of you heard, I'm continuing the Searles' tradition of wrapping all Santa gifts in the same exact paper every year as long as possible. (My parents used the same paper for 15 years!)  This means 40 rolls were bought for Levi at Target this year.  That should last a while.  (I guess I can't let him read this post, huh?  Can't give away the secret!!) 

Levi wearing his traditional Ethiopian shirt (and a Colts bib, of course) and enjoying Ethiopian food at the Ethiopian church's annual cultural celebration.  We look forward to it every year.

Levi's first Thanksgiving!  He had no problem understanding that the mission is to enjoy the food.  But the best part was all four grandparents together at the same time.

First bites of Thanksgiving turkey.  Love at first bite.

Levi's first taste of his dad's famous pumpkin pie - truly the best ever.

Reading with Papa

All the grandparents!

Working on our letters!  

Chair Picture, Month 10

Levi eating his first orange slice.  It was a huge hit, as you can see.  Not sure why I didn't think of that before!

Singing an Ethiopian worship song at the cultural celebration at Grace Ethiopian Church.  I'm always amazed by the crowd!  Congrats to our friend, Chris Bell, for doing such a great job helping to organize it.

Eating Thanksgiving leftovers with the Todds, Bob couldn't get through his meal.  Levi kept insisting we all pause for group hugs.  What better way to celebrate being thankful this year?

For all you BU fans - the unveiling of the 2011 National Finalist tournament banner in Hinkle.  We've been enjoying splitting season tickets with Bob this season.  

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