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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Month 11, Part 3 - Christmas in Florida!

Christmas in Florida and Levi's first trip to see Nanny and Papa!  Levi and I were able to take an extra long vacation, almost two weeks, and Brad was able to join for the second week.  This meant flying by myself with Levi on the way down.  (Both of us in one seat!  I woke up in the middle of the night wondering how I was going to keep my wiggly boy in one tiny airplane seat for two flights!)  He was an angle though, and even slept the entire second flight.  Thank you, Lord.

Obviously, Levi's wheeling carryon from Nanny and Papa (which I so stylishly wore as a backpack) was a huge hit.

Thank you, thank you to the kind flight attendant who found us a free seat for Levi on the second flight.  I was struggling to hold his very tall body on my lap while he slept!

Levi loves Nanny and Papa's big tub!  We weren't sure how this was going to go, but it was one of his favorite parts of every day.

Well, he loves it until I tell him  he absolutely can't stand up in it.  (Very slippery.)  Not happy about that instruction at all.

Levi loved the beginning of our visit, but missed Dada a lot.  This picture was after picking Brad up at the airport.  Levi immediately fell asleep using Brad's sweater as a pillow.  He looked quite content to have us all together again.

Thank you Nanny and Papa for having a basketball hoop!

This trip was Levi's first experience with a "Big Boy Bed"!  It went well, though was beyond strange to see him stagger out of his room on his own now and then.  What little boy doesn't want a race car bed though?

Levi's first walk to the beach and first time seeing the ocean!  Going up the ramp with Papa...

He started out a bit too brave for his own good, as you'll see in the video.  The rest of the visit he stayed very close or in my arms while at the beach.  A healthy respect.

First moments and hence the reason he learned his lesson....

It was unseasonably warm the first week and we went to the pool four times.  Levi was ready for anything with his getup.  

Christmas Eve.  Levi wore his first tie and vest and then spent the whole service in the "Cry Room" with me.  I decided the "Cry Room" is really more like the "Wiggle/Play/Babble/Eat Room" and it was packed with little wigglers, all dressed up, like us.

Dinner at the club.  Levi was a perfect little gentleman.  Brad and Jenny came in that day and it was very exciting to have the whole family together for the first time ever.

Levi's first Christmas morning was much like his first birthday, if you remember that picture.  As always, he wasn't sleeping well, and this particular morning he had been up since 4:30.  (Thank you, molars.)  By the time we started opening presents at 10:00 a.m. he wasn't interested in anything but a nap.

We tried valiantly to get through some Santa presents (in the Santa paper!) first.  Still tearstained, Levi was nevertheless pleased to see a Wonder Pets book.

After an early two hour nap (the prefect amount of time for us to open our grownup presents), Levi was able to enjoy the wonderful gifts from Nanny, Papa and Aunt Jenny.

Here we go....This is when I know my Dad grew up in Kentucky.  A cork gun for Levi, who was obviously well-pleased.

Aunt Jenny found a truly wonderful and special present during her time in Berlin this fall.  When we were little we played with a very similar toy of my Grandma's (also Nanny!).  And our favorite movie was Babes in Toyland.  Jenny found this nostalgic toy which is also a music box playing Toyland.  Levi was enthralled, especially since he always wants to know how things work.  The best part of this video is towards the end when he quickly looks back to see if it twirls when he isn't looking.  He still plays with it every day here at home.

Watching out the window with Dada on the flight home.  So nice to all be together with two laps to share!

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