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Monday, January 16, 2012

Month 11, Part 1 - Levi and his Doggers

I got so overwhelmed when I saw all that happened in Month 11 that I decided it needed to be broken down.  For once, the dogs are getting their own entry.  There's nothing more to say about these pictures other than Levi had a lot of fun with his dogs this month (Thanksgiving to Christmas) and I took a lot of pictures.  We just love those dogs so much for being great "brothers" and a "sister" to Levi.  I truly think they would do anything for him.

Almost every day I look over and see Levi lounging on his doggie, Luke.  Luke, our once hyper and nervous rescue, has found his calling in life.

Even Princess Gracie has become submissive with Levi.  Of course, it helps that he can now toss her a ball and a treat.

One afternoon we had quite the party with the dogs in the kitchen.  You'd think Levi was getting trampled, but he loves crawling under them.  They are so gentle and careful not to step on him.

Trying to pull all the dogs together for a group hug.  

 Giving his Cal a treat and Cal saying thank you.

 God bless the dogs for putting up with everything - being jumped on, ridden, hit, fur/ears/eyes grabbed.  

Cuddling with Mom and Dad's Schnauzer, Mollie, in Florida.

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